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ACCESSORIES BULLBAR LIGHTS ECB Spot Light/Bumper Light Wiring Harness ( to )


All-in-one kit.

Excellent for wiring bumper light bullbars to non-bumper light vehicles or wiring a set of spot lights. Includes heavy guage wiring, water resistant fuse box and a quality relay and switch. Removes the labour used to build your own harness when wiring lights.

$40.75 incl. GST (RRP)*

* RRP pricing does not include freight or fitting.

Title Information
Total Product Weight 0
Net Weight Added to Vehicle 0
Width of Bar (mm) 0
Distance Added to Front of Vehicle (mm) 0
Centre Tube Height Clearance (mm) 0
Grill Clearance (mm) 0
Minimum Centre Tube Inside Width (mm) 0
Maximum Centre Tube Inside Width (mm) 0
Spot Tab Centre to Centre (mm) 0
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